Our core business is identifying, executing and managing real estate investments. For longer term investments we focus on apartment buildings and mixed use properties that produce reliable, steady income. For development projects we look for shorter term opportunities where we bring insight, capital and operational experience to create a successful buy, renovate and sell cycle. Our track record and network allows us to find private sale opportunities in addition to what is available through MLS and other listing services. Paying the right price for the right property is key to both investment and development situations.

We manage directly all the properties held by our investors and our investment funds. Each property we manage is unique and we take pride in their performance. We focus on providing safe, clean, comfortable units for tenants and guests. For investors our goals include charging and collecting competitive rents and controlling variable costs such as maintenance, while keeping your property in exceptionally good shape and caring for your property’s evolving needs. We view real estate as a long term investment so our focus is both on short-term cash flow results as well as longer term capital appreciation.


Each real estate transaction is different, with varying results. Not all real estate transactions are profitable and the investor should seek professional advice and perform and prepare his/her own analysis while assessing his/her specific risk tolerance. Bluefish Property Group, LLC cannot and does not guarantee a return or profit in any real estate transaction.