Bluefish Property Group, LLC and its affiliated companies serve real estate investors with a focus on Boston’s North Shore. We manage and own investments in both income producing properties and redevelopment across Essex County.

Bluefish Property Group, LLC started as an idea between several people involved in the real estate business who share a passion for both the business itself as well as the history and beauty of the coastal region. We see an opportunity to better serve the market and fill a gap where traditional service providers fall short. Our local knowledge is combined with professional backgrounds in real estate and finance to bring first class results to our clients. We have worked with a variety of contractors, suppliers, banks and other real estate professionals and those contacts and relationships will be brought in as needed for our various investments.

We believe that real estate is an important asset class for investors but that it remains too difficult and time consuming for the average high net worth individual. For those interested in accessing direct real estate investments in Boston’s North Shore we believe we can offer a very competitive service with a high degree of transparency and access.